What we do

Whilst you relax and enjoy the ride, your car will get our full attention. We will lather and scrub it by hand before it enters the Cars We Wash tunnel making sure that all of the mud and grime on the body and tyres are loosened. As it moves through, the car will be soaped up and the wheels sprayed with a solution to remove brake dust before soft strips of cloth rub gently back and forth over its paintwork. Deep-cleaning foam will be sprayed over the whole body so that when the hundreds of small cloth strips whip over its top and sides, all of the remaining grime is removed. High-pressure jets then spray concentrated streams of water onto the car to remove any residual dirt and to give a final rinse followed by a wax coating and polish to add that extra sparkle.


As you emerge from the tunnel, your car is dried first by blasts of warm air and then by the gentle hands of our attendants who will wave you goodbye making sure that your car is clean, shiny and gleaming. And, if the car needs a bit of attention inside as well, use the 24 hour vacuums, carpet cleaner and fragrance dispensers to give it the full interior treatment.


The Cars We Wash tunnel is a terrific system for washing your car in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. We recycle the water, filtering it before re-using it and we use only biodegradable cleaning products making us proud members of the Australian Car Wash Association


We wash cars! We do it well, we do it quickly and we do it with a lot of fun.