Cars We Wash is an accredited 5 Star Car Wash with the Australian Car Wash Association.

What you do on our streets ends up in our waterways. The simple chore of washing the car can have a serious impact on our waterways and marine wildlife.

In many cases, pollution from washing cars is captured by stormwater drains that flow into our creeks, rivers and beaches. This toxic waste contains detergents as well as dangerous heavy metals such as copper, zinc, hydrocarbons, petroleum and diesel which potentially cause algal blooms, damage our wetlands and have a serious impact on sea grass and marine wildlife.

Extensive research has determined that between 6 and 11 gigalitres of contaminated waste water and pollutant sludge ends up in our storm water systems across Australia as a result of vehicles being washed on hard surfaces such as driveways. That is the equivalent of 3000 to 4000 Olympic-sized swimming pools of toxic waste being washed into oceans and rivers every year.

Commercial car washes are heavily regulated so that contaminated waste water is contained and treated and then disposed of according to EPA requirements.

The waste water that is captured at Cars We Wash undergoes EPA waste treatment, oil separation and proper sewage treatment. The heavy metals and pollution never get the chance to reach our pristine rivers and oceans.

Cars We Wash is environmentally friendly in other ways as well. We require very little fresh water as we use fine mists and high pressure hoses in the cleaning process and reclaim, filter and recycle the water used for each car. This means that a normal car wash will use the same amount of drinking water as one load of washing or a 5 minute shower.

Cars We Wash recycles up to 90% of the water used for each car and uses only biodegradable detergents. Large filtration systems filter our water so that we only need to use a small amount of fresh water for each car washed. So, using a commercial carwewash is far more environmentally friendly than washing the car at home on the front driveway.

Cars We Wash is proud to be a member of Australian Car Wash Association and to have earned a 5 Star Car Wash accreditation. ACWA is an organisation committed to promoting the highest environmental standards for the commercial vehicle cleaning industry.